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Welcome to Annihilus of Frostmane

We are a small guild that will be focusing on Cataclysm 10 man raid content as we are building up numbers to get to 25M's. We plan to push pve content and get the o so beloved purples. We also have plans to do rated battlegrounds when they are availible. Our roster consists of members that have been raiding on Frostmane since vanilla WOW and through most of Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. We also have avid PVP player base that is ready to grind up rated BG ranks. We believe that skill is better than gear score. You can easily gear up a good player but its harder to teach a bad in good gear to become better. We like to have fun as a guild and are a laid back group of people. If you would like to apply to the guild, please visit our recruitment forums and read the stickies located here.   We are recruiting RDPS and Heals.  We are currently a LVL 17 guild on the verge of 18.  We raid tuesday, saturday and sunday nights at 7 ST.  We use the EPGP system for loot distribution. 
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Cho'gall down good job guys

Amenity7, Mar 1, 11 3:19 PM.

Council Down

Amenity7, Feb 20, 11 1:48 AM.

Chimaeron Down

Amenity7, Feb 14, 11 3:00 AM.

Some guy that wanted to throw flasks at us died to being a bad

Amenity7, Feb 13, 11 1:52 AM.

Double Dragons Down It feels like Nintendo up in this bitch

Amenity7, Feb 7, 11 12:47 AM.
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Frostmane (PvP)
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